Terms of Service

We’re just a small group of friends trying to do some good and to help a small CASA group covering a big territory in Arkansas. So here’s what we do and what we expect from you:

  1. If you check a box and agree to email from us, you’ll get emails. Maybe 3-4 a year because that’s about all we can manage. We’re volunteers with whole other lives to get through so spamming you with email is way low on our to-do lists.
  2. We will keep any information you provide as part of registration or otherwise as private as we can. We keep security updated on this site and connect to secure services for online payment. We even have a really nice security person who verifies we’ve done a good job!
  3. We’ll try to solve whatever problems come up as best we can and we appreciate your help, patience, and good humor while any of that goes on. Everything we do here is to help CASA so everything you can do to help us fix any issue matters a great deal. Our goal is 24 hour resolution. If an issue is outside our control because of interconnected services or the universe or whatever, it could take longer. We will do everything that we determine is possible for us to correct any problems with the site or due to any services connected to it as quickly as possible.
  4. Any images, logos, artwork, etc. belongs to either CASA or RMR or was generously provided by individuals who joined in the rally. Sharing is caring but stealing is lousy.
  5. We expect you to continue to be the kind-hearted giving human you have always been and remember that – no matter what else happens – we’re all in this together.

Thanks for being part of something truly special!